Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to the Go Cloud Service Agreement (referred to as the "Agreement"), where we outline the terms and conditions governing the provision of services by Go Cloud ("we") to you, our valued User. By engaging with our services, the User acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions articulated below:

We retain the right to disable direct linking on user accounts exhibiting excessive bandwidth usage or engaging in any form of system abuse.

It's imperative to note that the uploading or sharing of explicit content, including but not limited to pornography, nudity, sexual images, offensive materials, or copyrighted material, is strictly prohibited. The determination of appropriate content rests with us, and we hold the authority to delete any images or videos without prior notification to the User.

Users are expected to adhere to all applicable laws in their respective locations, encompassing copyright and trademark laws. Any content violating these laws, such as images, videos, or files infringing on copyrights or trademarks, is not permissible. In the event of an infringement claim, Users may be requested to remove the copyrighted file until the matter is resolved. Go Cloud, however, is not obligated to intervene in disputes among participants on the platform.

It's important to recognize that Go Cloud assumes no liability for your images, videos, or files, nor for any potential business losses resulting from website unavailability or data loss. We make no assurances regarding the future reliability of serving, hosting, or storing your digital assets.

In our commitment to maintaining integrity, Go Cloud pledges to cooperate fully with any legal authorities in the event of an investigation.

Thank you for entrusting us with your digital content, and we look forward to providing you with a secure and reliable service experience.

All the best;

Go Cloud Team

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